A Wishlist for Venice

In this blog, in addition to presenting gardens and news on gardening in Venice, we also cover topics that are dear and/or important to Venetians - regarding the history, traditions, nature, living and environmental issues of Venice and the Lagoon. After a rather difficult and thoughtful year 2014, quite a few issues have emerged that need solutions

By the way, social media are widely used by Venetians on a private basis - for example, many Facebook Groups were founded that don't just sound interesting, but actively exchange ideas and organize events to define and implement ideas about Venezia - Come la vorrei ...

I have also prepared a personal Lavagna dei desideri for Venice in 2015 - which translates as wish list ... to focus on, though there are a hundred other Venetian topics I am keenly interested in.
Regarding wishes coming true, in the last 18 months or so, via social media groups founded by Venetians, issues and topics were taken a few steps further to realization, by raising petitions, sharing ideas and implementing solutions to salavage the environment, improve life and embellish town ... these initiatives may be Events, private Blogs, Books, Facebook Groups that include Contests to elect the finest Venetian pastries to awaken the Venetian culinary heritage, Rialto Marketrelated initiatives, Petitions to keep artisans in Venice and the huge cruiseships out, etc.. So here is a collage - overview of initiatives taken by Venetians actively shaping the future their town and improve living conditions:
These are just some examples to be presented to you in this new Rubrica on the Blog, La Lavagna dei Desideri, starting February 2015.