Yellow wisteria twigs in winter

Come se l'autunno fosse arrivato in gennaio - as if autumn had arrived in January in Venice. A few days ago, I took a walk around Teatro La Fenice, and in the enchanted garden opening up on Rio della Verona. This secret garden hosts an ancient wisteria blooming heavenly in spring.

When I approached, I first thought wisteria was blossoming in the midst of January - but instead it was the yellow leaves of wisteria - wisteria as you don't get to see it often :-) So in areas in Venice that are protected from wind and the cold, autumn keeps lingering ...
Garden Glimpses from Venice - January 2015
There is one tell-tale of sign of winter in Venice though - our fig trees are without leaves ... and so is wisteria and American vine in more exposed places. Below, you can see a view of Fondamenta dell'Osmarin. Typical flowers these days are our cyclamen which come in at least ten shades of purple, white and pink. Our flower store Fantin Il Fioraio di Venezia, on the other hand, has already available all the seeds for spring, ready to be planted in terracotta pots, on the window sills or in a sunny corner on the terrace. 
Otherwise, plants in Venice are hibernating, which may come naturally with the foggy weather you can see, with the exception of a few evergreen plants that are actually blossoming - a few hardy aralia bushes are, as you can see in the picture above. There is news with regard to the Gardens of the San Marco area, i Giardinetti ... you can read more in my next blog post.
January impressions ... I Giardinetti Reali a Venezia