Relaunching the Lido

I have come across this Website hosted by the Stabilimenti Balneari of Lido: It is now a long time since the relaunch of the Lido has been started, projects started back in 1992. It seems we finally have the ULTIMATE BEACH.

This website really conveys what the beach in Venice looks like today.
Since 2009, the Stabilimenti Attività Balneari are in charge of maintaining and providing access to the beaches of the Lido luxury hotels. There is also a focus on sustainable tourism.
In this entry's video you can see the location of the Lido as a barrier island protecting the Lagoon of  Venice from the Alto Adriatico - the Northern Adriatic Sea. The Lagoon can be accessed by just three bocche di porto (entrances into the Lagoon), on in the South near Chioggia, one between Chioggia and Pellestrina, and the third one between the northern tip of Lido and Punta Sabbioni.
Watching this video you can see the green patches - the Lido is full of private gardens, and land used for agricultural purpose - the so called terre perse.