Scorci della laguna sud - forgotten treasures?

The last few days have been exceptionally warm, and in late summer/early fall there is such a special quality to the color of the sea and the sky just before the fall season really starts to set in. So I am doing what I have often been doing on a day like this - take the time and take a boat and enjoy the lagoon. It's a rather hot and drowsy Venice early afternoon. Not many people on that boat, either.
Favorite view: dancing lights on the lagoon in late summer
From the vaporetto, I just love sitting back and watching the changing of lights and colors of the whitish-blue lagoon, which can be different every hour of every day of the year, as the angle the light is reflected keeps changing in every season.  
Alilaguna's vaporetto leaving San Zaccaria station
Here you can see a few images I took on that boat trip from Venezia S. Zaccaria boat stop to the Lido.  Actually, I am often thinking of how many people actually know more about the islands out there in what is called "la laguna sud". And what will can be and will be done to preserve these islands. Lately I came across a valuable book full of beautiful illustrations at the Vianello Bookshop next to the Giardini Reali at San Marco: Isole della Laguna - Perle di terra scordate nel mare (translating to: Pearls of land forgotten in the sea) also containing a section on the Southern Islands of the Lagoon that could serve an introduction to these islands, some of them embellished with beautiful gardens, think of the Cloister Gardens at San Lazzaro.

And - I cannot help wondering how many of our guests actually know the names of the islands they are passing as they are heading towards the Lido. There are quite guests a few that have heard of and visited the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni, its beautiful cloister garden and exhibition center including the ancient library. Some may even know the hotel that has been opened on the island of San Clemente. And that Venice since 1997 has been hosting an International University on the Island of San Servolo
Soon after the boat has left San Zaccaria, you can see the Lido approaching fast - in fact, it is more or less a ten-minute ride if the boat does not stop in Castello.
Sparkling waters separate us from San Giorgio Maggiore Island. From its bell tower you can enjoy an impressive view of the lagoon.
Looking back towards San Marco with the Poveglia boat waiting to go to Punta Sabbioni (to the right)
Passing by San Servolo and La Grazia
...I Giardini Napoleonici  By the way, the leaves of the trees in Venice are this year much paler now or completely dry and brown and yellow, many trees have lost their leaves as it has not rained at all in summer.
Still summer - lights dancing on the waves today
Una palafitta, usually home to the seagulls
San Lazzaro is coming into sight
San Servolo's waterfront
San Lazzaro to the left, out in the distance Lazzaretto Vecchio, Santo Spirito,
Looking back towards Sant'Elena ...
Soon Lido is coming to sight
San Lazzaro, just off the Lido
... and Lazzaretto Vecchio appearing in the far distance

Album vénitien ha detto...

de très belles aussi j'aime bien prendre le vaporetto pour aller jusqu'au Lido et ensuite revenir et faire tout le tour de Venise...

Furbiziahs ha detto...

merci beaucoup! c'etait une sortie au Lido, et après vers Murano, à bord d'un bateau Alilaguna dans une paix absolue - trés rafraîchissante. J'aime aussi observer les oiseaux de la lagune ...