Voga Longa: Boats crossing the Venice lagoon

...and passing by wonderful gardens as well, everyone can participate.
This year, the Voga Longa took place today, 27 May.
To give you an impression of the Vogalonga event, follow this link to the Vogalonga website, on its homepage you can watch a Video on the Vogalonga
Around Venice for days on end, passers-by were reminded to watch the Vogalonga by the billboard you can see above. The purpose of this rowing event is to translate Venice's maritime tradition into today's world. This couldn't be better expressed than by the words they use on their website: "the Vogalonga is a act of love for Venice and its waters, for its lagoon and its islands, for rowing and its boats, The Vogalonga retains over time its original purpose: to disseminate knowledge, awareness and respect for the essence and culture of our city. The Vogalonga is a peaceful testimony against il moto ondoso (wave motion) so dangerous for the city and its lagoon."
In short, the Vogalonga takes place to remind us how for centuries Venetians have been moving around the lagoon, to get from one place to another. And the Vogalonga event that takes place every year in May takes us for a tour of the lagoon, from the Bacino di San Marco, along the island of Le Vignole to Burano, and back to Murano and the Canal Grande towards San Marco.
The picture below shows their itinerary across the lagoon, and a video on the Vogalonga website shows their route:
Enjoy a few more pictures of the Lagoon in May:
Lots of boats in the Bacino San Marco, wih the island of Lido and its gardens in the background