L'anno che verrà: Tra Glicine e Melograno: The Garden in Venice Blog in 2013 .. and 2014

Dear Readers,
Buon Anno da Venezia - Happy New Year 2014 from Venice!! 
My first picture of 2014 - showing a whitish environment, as the lagoon colors are turning somewhat ice-blue now in January...(just as I described in the blog post which attracted most viewers on this Blog).
Riva degli Schiavoni, behind me are the Giardini Reali, in the picture you can see San Giorgio Maggiore Church and Convent island, and the Redentore church on the Giudecca island to the right
My blog "A Garden in Venice" has been online since 18 May 2012, and I would like to thank you all for viewing it and coming back to it so often. In the meantime, there are regular readers connecting on My Facebook Site "Le Spezie di Venezia", which is also dedicated to this Blog, and I made new friends via this Blog which as a Platform is so valuable in exchanging views of any kind on Venice. Is there a chance to save not only the lagoon and town itself, but also the immaterial treasures, the incredibly large and partly forgotten knowledge the Serenissima accumulated in more than 1000 years, in many walks of life, I am referring to the immaterial heritage of the Serenissima. Thank you all so very much, your support is so valuable for me and gives me the courage to continue in what started as a project in May 2012.. 
I wondered what it would be like to tell and review the history of Venice in another, alternative way, seen through the garden lense... On the one hand, this Blog introduces to you the garden plots in Venice, from public to private gardens now in town, and what they looked like centuries ago. On the other hand, due to my background in Venetian history, communications and linguistics, I love adding history elements, and also explore the whole lagoon which is one garden, la pianura liquida (a liquid plain), 40 km long and 12 km wide, viewed from a different angle, that is the "garden's lense" :-)).
The ancient knowledge accumulated by the Republic of Venice is vast, it would be such a shame if we lost even the tiniest bit of it.
What I felt was missing when I was a few months into my Blog was providing glimpses into private Venetian homes and of course kitchens. This is why I started the Blogs Le Spezie della Serenissima (my culinary blog trying to bridge the gap between the Venetian spice trade history and how spices are still used today in Venetian cooking), and Colazione a Venezia (A Venetian familiy's breakfast accounts, recipes for Venetian cakes and pastries, favorite caffés, bakeries, tea houses and patissiers in Venice). 
In the last 18 months or so, these are the ten articles mostly read by the 37,300-something clicks made on this page.

And this is what I am planning for the year ahead .. Tra Glicine e Melograno .. Between Wisteria and Pomegranates ..
If you have other subjects you are interested in, connected with Venetian culinary history, ecology, urban landscape, lagoon topics, food, life-style, gardening, flowers .. I would be happy to hear from you!!