Il fioraio di Venezia - all you need for a garden in Venice

Where do Venetians go to buy flowers for all kinds of reasons and events, and of course to create a small private paradise, in terracotta pots on the balcony or window sill, on the altana, the Venetian roof terraces, or in their courtyard?
Il fioraio di Venezia - as Fantin's is aptly called on their Website and business card
There is one special store selling all you need, Fantin - il fioraio di Venezia. Just two minutes from the Rialto Stop, on Campo San Salvador with the Chiesa di San Salvador just on the other side of the little campo, next to the Ateneo Veneto. And there is one landmark that instantly comes to the mind of the Venetian when they think of Fantin - the huge turquoise sun shades placed outside, the same color they have always had, that I can remember all my life, to protect their seed racks from sun, wind or rain. 
Since I was a little child, at the back of my mind has been the scent of freshly cut flowers, mingled with roses, lilies and chrysantenum, depending on the season. They sell red roses for the boccolò celebrated on 25 April, they sell lilies in late spring, fresia in summer and chrysantenum later on in October. Finally in December, the red-green leaves of Stella di Natale lighten up their stores, with the bright red color reflected in the window panes. 
As for October and November, did you know, by the way, that chrysanthenum are so much liked by Venetians, with a cloud of freshly acid scents enveloping balconies and roof terraces, embellishing houses and gardens with yellow, red and orange colored blossoms. And at Fantin's, all these flowers waiting to be relocated to Venetian homes are placed between huge lush green plants, philodendron, ficus, laurels and other varieties.
All we need in Venice to put bright stains of colors in the house and garden - begonia, orchids, flamingo flowers amongst laurels, and a rack of seeds by Blumen. Here you can see their varieties of seeds for tomatoes.
What has Fantin on offer in early autunm: it's colorful orchids next to the entrance into their "flower laboratory" or should I say "flower empire".
This is where I buy the flowers for our house, and of course the sementi - seeds to experiment with vegetables, herbs and flowers ...
Look at their selection of local green vegetables - cicoria, bietola, spinaci, lattughe - spinach and green lettuce of the Veneto. Herbs like all variants of basil, cipollina, parsil. Takes well in terracotta pots and sunny courtyard spots.
And this is the result - flowers lightening up the Venetian calli, this one is just across the Hotel Bisanzio, in the Sestiere di Castello