L'appuntamento della prima domenica di settembre ...

... on the first sunday of September, of course the Regata Storica will take place. So tomorrow will be the great day when visitors from all over the world, and of course us - will flock to their stages set on the canal grande to watch the great procession of boats - and of the bucintoro of course.
All over Venice in the last two weeks you could see billboards fastened to the houses along the calli.

Wherever you go to in Venice, like here in a stretta calle (narrow alley) near S.Antonin in Castello ...
... billboards remind you that one of the most important festivities in Venice is upcoming ...
Hopefully the weather will hold out, as this has been an exceedingly hot and dry summer so far, and last sunday the first thunderstorms in I don't remember since when - poured down on Venice and its lagoon. Since then the weather has been cooling down somewhat.

This contribution shall assist you in getting a (first) impression of the extent of the Regata Storica in today's Venice, and to learn about its history and importance in recalling life in the lagoon and the sumptuous boat processions at the times of the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, I recommend to visit the Website "La Regata Storica" which is set up to provide information on this year's program of events and boat processions.
In addition, there is also an exhibition in Venice from 30 August through 28 September 2012: Storia e gloria dei campioni del remo set up in a Bank's headquarter situated in Campo S. Luca.

On the website dedicated to the Regata Storica is a space "Museo Virtuale Regata Storica": here you can also view seven videos of past Regate, for example back in 1988 and the one in 2010
There is even a glossary containing Venetian terms referring to (traditional) boats in the Venetian lagoon.
And - you can watch some events of the Regata Storica on TV Rai 2. For the Regata Storica program, click here.