Venice Sunday Morning Walk

Coming from the Riva degli Schiavoni direction, you could start your Sunday morning in Venice by taking a stroll across the Piazzetta (but mind you, do not walk between the two colomns of St. Marks and St Teodoro as (ancient) Venetians believe(d) this could bring on bad fate and fortunes..). Take a look at this beautiful panoramic view of the Piazzetta in front of the Doge's palace that I recently found on the ItalyGuides Website.
on the way to the Ex-Giardini Reali, Venetians recommend that you avoid passing through the two colums (left: St Mark's column, right: St. Teodoro's column)
The green spot of trees you see in the background of this 360-degree panoramic view are part of the Ex-Giardini Reali Gardens.
Entrance of the ex-Giardini reali seen from the approdo of  Alilaguna Boats
They were created when during Napoleon's reign the Republic of Venice's granary was torn down.
Especially in early summer, with blackbirds singing in the morning intermingled with the sunday bells announcing masses from the nearby churches of Santa Maria della Salute just across the Gran Canal, and of course the Basilica di San Marco, this is a restful place and respite from the heat that is slowing creeping into the narrow calli.
Red wooden benches, with wisteria-covered pergolati running from one side of the garden to the other 
The Gardens with the Campanile in the background
From May onwards, rose and white oleander blossoms embellish the gardens
You might then decide to walk on, pass one bridge and walk straight on to arrive at the Hotel Monaco e Gran Canal overlooking the Canal Grande and take a light breakfast on their sun-light terraces surrounded by gondolas.