Locanda Fiorita - A Wisteria-Wrapped Home

In Venice you can find old "glicine" bushes quite often. Glicine is the Italian word for wisteria, often they are tucked away in gardens or grow along stone walls, with their flowering branches reaching down into the calli, or even decorate small corti e campi. 
Here is an ideal hotel attracting visitors that love wisteria; in that case I recommend that you come to Venice in April.
House wrapped in glicine interspersed with small pots of white geranium
Campo Santo Stefano, a view towards the Church of San Vidal and in the direction of the Locanda Fiorita
Situated next to Campo Santo Stefano, just off the Accademia bridge in the San Marco district, from April onwards, the wisteria comes into full bloom. But of course, there are occasional blossoms later on their branches during spring and summer.
By following this link you can enjoy a few pictures of this lovely hotel aptly named Locanda Fiorita - a glicine-wrapped home in Venice.